Tina Croll has been a part of the New York avant-garde and a founding member of Dance Theater Workshop.  Her work has been described as “full of interesting and refreshing ideas” (NY Times). “Powerful and provocative,… charged with a mysterious drama, like fantastic dreams, surreal collages, a wise child’s imaginings.” (Village Voice) “Croll has attained a mastery in reflecting works of highly unique expression that can be desperately human or exquisite kinetic structures” (Dance Magazine)

“’Ancient Springs,’ performed at Danspace Project at St. Mark’s Church, is an imaginative, beautifully performed pleasure because it can be looked at simply as dancing.  This 80-minute piece — set to distinctive accompaniment including an American Indian reciting the Lord’s Prayer in Cherokee, Tiny Tim, a mariachi band and Ethiopian jazz — juxtaposes and mingles a chorus of 14 young women, each of whom manages to stand out unobtrusively, with six soloists who include Ms. Croll and Eli McAfee.   Croll is a quietly majestic still point, with a presence and a choreographic style that are the product of long, thoughtful and optimistic years in New York modern dance.”  Jennifer Dunning (NY  Times)

Tina Croll is also Co-Director of From the Horse’s Mouth.


Tina Croll – tina@horsesmouth.org

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